EU Undergraduate Scholarships at the University of Stirling, UK

EU Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Background

The University of Stirling provides EU Undergraduate Scholarships to EU students. The scholarship is worth a £5,000 fee discount per year. Also, chosen candidates will get scholarships of the Honours year.

According to the UK government, EU students are now considered as international applicants for tuition purposes. The University of Stirling supports EU students so that the students can get the best education. 

Admitted EU students in the undergraduate programe in September 2024 and January 2025 will automatically be awarded for the scholarship. 

Students who entered in the 1st year and progressed to 2nd and 3rd year will get the award. Remember, the award will not be given to the students who have poor academic performance.



Number of Awards: Unlimited

Fee Status: International (Including EU)

Eligibility Criteria

Similar to other scholarships, the EU Undergrad Award also has a few criteria. You have to make sure you fit the eligibility criteria. 

  • You are an EU student
  • You are staying in EU countries ordinarily
  • You are a resident of Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Important Note: If you are already a part of University of Sterling’s Sports Scholarship, you can merge it with the EU Undergraduate Scholarship. 

Scholarship Level

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Amount & Incentive

£5,000 fee discount per year.

The EU Undergraduate Scholarships amount is pretty good. The best part is, you can get the award for each year of your academic session. As said, your academic result has to be good. If your result is poor in the 1st year, the recruitment team may terminate your scholarship.

So, be attentive to your study.

Scholarship Application Procedure

Applying for EU Undergraduate Scholarships is unnecessary. The reason is, all EU students are eligible for the award automatically. The recruitment team will choose the candidate for the award. Be noted that the team’s decision is final.

Since the number of awards are unlimited, you have a chance to win the award if your result is excellent. 

Scholarship Deadline

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EU Undergraduate Scholarships
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