Leeds Masters Scholarships,UK

Scholarship Background

UK-fee paying students are encouraged to apply for Leeds Masters Scholarships. If you are students of under-represented groups, this scholarship is for you.

Generous alumni donations fund this scholarship. Also, University funding is a part of it. So, the scholarship is given to as many students as possible.

Moreover, you can get additional scholarship if you are a student of the below programmes,

The fund for additional scholarship is £10,000. It includes accommodation, food, and study cost. 

Also, chosen candidates can get access to the Plus Programme.

The Plus Programme offers several beespoke and free resources. Even, you can get extra funding based on your result. 

Selected candidates will be an automatic inclusion of the Plus Programme. You don’t need to apply separately for it. If you are unsuccessful, no worries! Still, you may get the access with extra consideration by the University. 

All these opportunities mean that this is an excellent scholarship. You can gain knowledge from the skilled teachers. Besides, you will get a good environment to achieve knowledge. 

There are many students looking for the scholarship. So, this programme will be competitive for sure. In this case, it is crucial to prepare for it. Otherwise, getting the scholarship will be challenging. 

More information: https://lida.leeds.ac.uk/data-science-msc-scholarships/

Eligibility Criteria

  • You are a student of distance learning Masters programme in the University of Leeds in October 2024. 
  • Undergraduate students are ineligible for the scholarship
  • Confirmation of paying the undergraduate tuition fees in UK rate
  • You don’t have a Master degree

Also, there are a few Financial Criteria. Visit here to learn. 

  • Show individual or gross taxable income

Scholarship Level

Master Degree

Scholarship Amount & Incentive


Scholarship Application Procedure

You have to apply for the scholarship through Online. Find the Online Application Form

The application form has 38 pages. Read every page carefully to make sure you have understood everything. Then apply. 

Scholarship Deadline

10 June 2024

Important Note: Requirements or criteria related to the Scholarship may change over time. So, it would always be best if you contact the University directly if you have any query. 

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