The Millett Award and Sheffield PTY Scholarship 2024 Entry

Scholarship Background

Both the Millett Award and Sheffield Scholarship are open to undergraduates pursuing a STEM degree who will be carrying out a year of professional training overseas in 2024/25. 

Students from outside of the UK should not be carrying out their PTY in their own country. By meeting the same requirements for both awards, submitting the application form will automatically make you eligible for both opportunities, enhancing your likelihood of receiving funding.

The University administers student housing. The atmosphere is safe and encouraging. Students can learn from experienced educators. So, prepare yourself by reading the application form carefully. Remember, a good preparation will never go in vain.

The program offers a challenging academic timetable. It is designed to inspire and encourage students. Students can use libraries, laboratories. They can also browse online learning platforms. They will get tutoring, mentoring. Also, they can attend writing workshops.

The program is highly respected and recognized by prestigious universities worldwide. Also, it offers students a rigorous and motivating academic curriculum. The scholarship is a great opportunity for serious students.

Students have the opportunity to take advantage of various academic resources and support services.
The program has achieved admission to the desired university in 95% of cases.

For more details email at

If you have any queries, the above email address is open to answer. The support team is incredibly active and they will answer your every queries.

Eligibility Criteria

Every the Millett Award and Sheffield Scholarship come with eligibility criteria. Ensure correct submission of the application before applying. A mistake can make you ineligible for the program.

  • Applicants must be engaged in an international professional training year for the 2024/25 academic year (courses without a full professional training year are not qualified). 
  • Students need to be enrolled in a STEM program. 
  • Applicants from the UK and the EU are qualified.

Scholarship Level


Scholarship Amount & Incentive


Scholarship Application Procedure

Fill the Online Application Form

Correct submission of the application form is a must. Learn what papers and information are required to fill the form. Note down questions if you have any. As said, send an email to the support team to remove confusion.

Scholarship Deadline

Note down The Millett Award and Sheffield PTY Scholarship deadline if you are serious about the scholarship. We suggest you to prepare all your papers prior to the deadline. Thus, you can submit the application without being delayed.

03 June 2024

The Millett Award
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