The Newtons Undergraduate Scholarship in Mathematics 2024 Entry

Scholarship Background

Home/UK students can apply The Newtons Undergraduate Scholarship 2024. Students has to be enrolled in any undergraduate mathematics program. The scholarship subject is Mathematics.

The Newtons Undergraduate Scholarship in Mathematics offers £3,000 annually for a maximum of three years. Additionally, £1,000 for a Professional Training placement if chosen. The Scholarship motivates students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

A specialized team of students support students with academic, personal, and social problems. Visit the links to learn more about the scholarships. Be clear with the requirements and deadline before applying.

The University manages student’s accommodation. The atmosphere is secure and supportive. Newton students receive instruction from knowledgeable and skilled educators who are professionals in their respective subjects. Therefore, get ready by thoroughly reviewing the application form. Always keep in mind that proper preparation is always beneficial and never wasted.

The program provides a demanding academic schedule aimed at pushing and motivating students.
Students can use libraries, laboratories, and online learning platforms. The program provides tutoring, mentoring, and writing workshops.

The Newton A level program is esteemed and acknowledged by prestigious universities globally. The program provides a challenging and inspiring academic curriculum for students. Students can utilize a variety of academic resources and support services.

The program has been successful in securing admission to the preferred university 95% of the time. The scholarship is an excellent chance for dedicated students.

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Eligibility Criteria

Newtons Undergraduate Scholarship has specific requirements that must be met. Make sure the application is submitted accurately prior to applying. Making a mistake can disqualify you from the program. The requirements are: 

  • Be a student from the UK or residing in your home country.
  • Require a family income below £35,000.

Scholarship Level


Scholarship Amount & Incentive

£3,000 per year (up to 3 years)

Scholarship Application Procedure

Visit Online Application Form to apply.

Correct submission of the application is essential. We recommend you to read the questions in the application form intently. Also, learn what documents and details are necessary to submit a successful application. Discover which documents and details are needed to complete the application. Be sure to provide correct information.

Application Deadline

Note down the scholarship deadline. Keep all the required documents ready before the deadline. Then, apply. This way, you can avoid mistake when applying.

07 October 2024

Newtons Undergraduate Scholarship
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