University of Surrey Fluor Diversity Scholarship, UK

Scholarship Background

Undergraduate UK/Home students can apply for the Fluor Diversity Scholarship 2024 Entry. The subjects in the University of Surrey for the scholarship are below:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

If you are planning to get a scholarship on the above subjects, this scholarship will be the best option. 

No. of Awards: 02

The scholarship amount is a maximum of £10,000. However, chosen candidates will get the award for the 1, 2 and 3 years. Meaning that, the award is £3,000 per year. Then, £1,000 will be given during the Master’s degree or PTY.

This scholarship is a great opportunity for UK or home applicants. 

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the criteria that you need to ensure before applying.

  1. You have a household income of not more than £35,000
  2. You are a Low Participation Neighbourhood
  3. You are a student of a high deprivation area
  4. You are from a low-income family
  5. You are a care leaver
  6. You are a student of local authority care
  7. Your parents are living in non-professional households
  8. Your parents didn’t participate in Higher Education
  9. You are classified as a disabled student
  10. Young learners
  11. High potential career
  12. Asylum or refugee seekers
  13. Your parents must have served in the military
  14. You are a student from Minority Ethnic, Asian or Black backgrounds
  15. You are a student from Irish Traveller, Roma or Gypsy communities
  16. You are a Bargee, New Traveller, Showperson, or Boater

Fulfilling the No. #01 criteria is a must. If you meet the criteria No. #02 to 16, feel free to apply for the scholarship. 

Important Note:

  • Visit this link to learn whether you are a student of LPN. 
  • Check the postcode index from here too.

Scholarship Level


Scholarship Amount & Incentive

£10,000 (£3,000 per year and £1,000 for Master Degree or PTY)

Scholarship Application Procedure

Fill the Online Application Form

Complete and submit the application form before the deadline. Complete the application form carefully and make sure all information is correct. 

Scholarship Deadline

07 October 2024

Fluor Diversity Scholarship
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