Robert Nicol Trust Scholarship at RGU

Robert Nicol Trust Scholarship

Scholarship Background

Robert Gordon University (RGU) offers full-time and part-time Robert Nicol Trust scholarship for Undergraduate Scottish students. This is an on-campus scholarship. So, you will have an enjoyable and vibrant educational environment.

The financial award for the scholarship is £1,500 annually. The University supports students from the Aberdeen area. Other countries are ineligible for the scholarship. However, if you are from other regions of Scotland, feel free to apply for the award.

Whether you want to get admitted on a full-time or part-time cost in the UK, this award will be an ideal option. 

Robert Gordon University is a well-known educational institute offering high-quality education via Undergraduate and PhD. Course. They have a wide range of programmes to choose from. The University has experienced and skilled teachers who can help you improve your skill.

Moreover, getting a job will become easier after completing scholarships from RGU. The reason is, you can learn from several resources and hone your skill with the help of experienced teachers supervision. 

Although they provide online programmes, this scholarship is an on-campus course. There are more than 300 courses in RGU. Also, 15,000+ students are attending their classes from over 120 countries. 

According to the 2014 HESA Destination of UK Leavers’ Survey, RGU was ranked as one of the top UK universities.

Attendance Mode:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time

Study Mode

  • On-campus

What you will learn

  • You can involve to specific learning style
  • You can adopt knowledge from your surroundings
  • You will get true facetime with instructors
  • You can join a community which may help you get job
  • You can become a successful person in today’s workforce

Subject Area: All subject

Important Note:

  • Candidate has to satisfy the trustee to get the scholarship by describing why they are completely qualified for the course. 

Eligibility Criteria: Robert Nicol Trust Scholarship

As said, you have to be Scottish to apply for the scholarship. Foreign students are disallowed for the course. 

Read the Robert Cordon University Rules carefully, Ensure you follow and meet all the requirements. 

Scholarship Level


Scholarship Amount & Incentive

£1,500 annually

Visit the official website to Download the application form.

Consider printing out the Application form. Then, practice for several times. Also, provide correct information for every section. The recruitment panel will reject your application if you provide misleading information.  

Send the Application Form to the below post address

The Secretary

The Robert Nicole Trust

100 Union Street


AB10 1QR

Scholarship Application Procedure

You have to submit a written proposal of the study or course and send it to the Secretary of Trustees.


The written proposal has to be precise and short. The trustee will select a candidate based on the proposal and academic result. Don’t apply if your academic result is poor. 

Scholarship Deadline

1st August (for the September session)

More questions?

Phone# 01224—428256

Email: rjm@peterkins.comImportant Note: Keep an eye on the Important Notice section to learn the result of the scholarship. The trustee will hold a meeting on 13 September 2024 and share the result by 01 August 2024.

Robert Nicol Trust Scholarship

Photo Credit: RGU

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