STEM Scholarship at University of Strathclyde United Kingdom

STEM Scholarship

UKNEST Stem Scholarship is OPEN for the 2024 academic year. The scholarship is offered for one year only and students of UK universities can apply for it. If you are a registered student of a STEM subject degree, this scholarship is for you. Also, if you have determination for building a career in the UK Maritime Defence Sector, apply for the scholarship.

A succesfull student will enjoy the below benefits:

  • UKNEST Graduate student
  • The student will be mentored by the UKNEST Member Organisation
  • Chosen candidate will get work opportunity in the UKNEST Organisation
  • Funding of the first year 

Be noted that you will have to provide the UK Security Clearance for certain roles before getting a work opportunity in the UKNEST Organisation. Providing this clearance is mandatory. Otherwise, you will not get the work even after completing the UKNEST Stem Scholarship.

No. of Scholarships: 15

The good news is you can apply for the scholarship regardless of your educational background. Meaning that, whether you are a student of Arts or Philosophy, this scholarship is for all students.

However, students from the relevant subject of the Naval Engineering Science and Technology will get the priority. 

Eligibility Criteria: STEM Scholarship

  • You are a student of any UK universities or colleges
  • Students of all backgrounds
  • Students of science and technology subject

Scholarship Level


Scholarship Amount & Incentive

£1,800 / academic year (£600 / term)

You will not get the amount of the scholarship at one go. The amount will be given per term and it is £600. 

Hence, keep in mind that your academic performance has to be good during the terms. If your academic result is poor, the University may reconsider the scholarship. So, be attentive in your study and don’t lose the scholarship.

Scholarship Application Procedure

The Application Form is available here. The form has 4 different sections.

Section #01: Your Personal Information

You will have to provide your personal information in this section. Personal information includes:

  • Your Name
  • Email 
  • University
  • Course Title/Subject
  • Degree
  • Year
  • Graduation Date
  • Gender
  • Ethnic Group

Provide correct information for every box. The recruitment panel will cross-check the information and if they found any mismatch, your application form will be rejected. Be careful when filling the boxes.

Section #02: Covering Letter

You have to write a Cover Letter in a Word file and upload the document in the required section. The Cover letter has to be precise. Mention why you want the scholarship with strong information.

Section #03: CV

Upload your CV in this section. Make sure the information provided in the CV matches with the Personal Information. Any mismatch will be questioned and result in rejection of your application form.

Section #04: Essay Question

Write an Essay in maximum of 500 words described in the Scholarship Information page.

Scholarship Deadline

22 September 2024

Important Note:

The University will shortlist the candidates and call them for an interview before finalising the selection of the UKNEST Scholarship.

STEM Scholarship

Photo Credit: UKNEST

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