Fürer-Haimendorf Fund for Anthropological Field Research

Scholarship Background

SOAS anthropology Doctoral students can apply for the Fürer-Haimendorf Fund. The fund will be provided for Anthropological field research. Chosen candidates can’t use this fund for other purposes.

The fund is named in honor of Fürer-Haimendorf. He was the pioneer to establish anthropology in the South East and South Asia. Significant evolution of anthropology occurred in this region by Fürer-Haimendorf. He invented that film and photography can be used as ethnographic tools. 

Renowned professors are the instructors of this scholarship in the University of London. So, chosen students can learn from experienced teachers. 


Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Purposes of the Scholarship

Many doctoral students want to research SOAS anthropology. Unfortunately, they get insufficient funds to complete the research. 

This scholarship is a significant opportunity for these candidates. They can apply for the scholarship to complete their research. However, you have to have good academic results in the relevant field.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • You are a student of the relevant fields as Professor Fürer-Haimendorf
  • You have interest to use digital methods for the documentation of ethnographic
  • You want to work for the betterment of South East and South Asia 
  • You have excellent knowledge about the South East and South Asia cultures and societies

With the above eligibility criteria, it is clear that students of South East and South Asia will get the priority. However, if you have good academic results, you can get the fund regardless of your country. 

Scholarship Level


Scholarship Amount & Incentive

Selected candidates will get the fieldwork or travel cost related to the PhD

You must know that anthropology research requires several fieldworks. Travel costs to visit the fieldwork promotes anthropology research. Undoubtedly you can learn a lot if you get selected for the fund. 

Scholarship Application Procedure

Send an email to the Department Director of Doctoral Studies with 500 words of project proposal. You must mention the budget. 

Scholarship Deadline

14 June 2024

Fürer-Haimendorf Fund
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