UAL/ISH International Postgraduate Scholarships in UK

Scholarship Background 

UAL/ISH International Postgraduate Scholarships offer opportunities for students worldwide to study at a renowned institution. 

They provide access to expert tutors, career support, and engagement in UK culture. UAL promises a creative environment for students’ success by offering various degree programs.

  • The scholarship covers expensive tuition and accommodation costs
  • Access to innovative teaching faculty from different fields
  • Promotes a supportive community for students to grow

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria 1: Course Offer and Qualification

You must hold an offer to study a full-time master’s course taught at one of UAL’s 6 Colleges starting in 2024. 

The qualifying courses include, 

  • Grad Dip 
  • M ARCH 
  • MA
  • MFA
  • MRes, or MSc qualifications 

Note: Previous UK postgraduate qualification or its equivalent abroad disqualifies eligibility for application.

Criteria 2: Residency and Status

Applicants must ordinarily be residents of one of the low-income economy countries specified in UAL’s list of qualifying countries, as outlined on the official website. 

Alternatively, you are eligible if you are an asylum seeker in the UK when making your scholarship application.

Criteria 3: Financial Background

When submitting your scholarship application for UAL/ISH International Postgraduate Scholarships your annual household income must not exceed £25,000 (or the equivalent exchange value in your country’s currency, if applicable). Demonstrating financial need is essential to eligibility for the UAL Postgraduate Scholarship.

Criteria 4: Personal Statement Requirements

As part of your scholarship application for UAL/ISH International Postgraduate Scholarships, you are required to submit a personal statement answering the following

  • Explain how the Postgraduate Scholarship will help you stand out of the crowd
  • Outline your plans for using the qualification you will acquire to support your future goals.
  • Tell us your strategies for dealing with challenges in your home country.
  • Share your plans to uphold the values of social justice and environmental stewardship.

Note: 350 words (max.) per question

Scholarship Level

Postgraduate Scholarship

Scholarship Amount and Incentives

The UAL International Postgraduate Scholarship offers £50,000. The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, and potential living expenses. You will get significant financial support.

Scholarship Application Procedure

After receiving an offer from a qualifying course, check the “my funding” page of your UAL Applicant portal. You can see a form on that page. Fill it and apply. 

Remember, you need to have been accepted into an eligible course. It’s a good idea to apply for the course as soon as possible. Thus, you will have enough time to apply for the scholarship.

Check out the official website to get the application form and detailed instructions on applying for this scholarship.

Scholarship Deadline

Apply UAL/ISH International Postgraduate Scholarships before July 5, 2024, if you want to start in August 2024.

Additional Note 

  • Number of UAL/ISH International Postgraduate Scholarships: 4 (Max.)
  • Target Group: Students from low-income economic countries. Visit the official website for the list.
UAL/ISH International Postgraduate Scholarships
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