International Scholarships Award at University of Greenwich

Scholarship Background

International Scholarships Award at the University of Greenwich is open now for international students and EU students. Apply for the University of Greenwich scholarship Now!

The scholarship will be given to meritorious students. Also, it will be revoked if you have already started your studies. 

Once the selected candidate gets notification of the scholarship award, he/she has to submit their tuition fee deposit (or confirm their offer if sponsored) within 28 days.

Selected students will get £5,000 on first year’s tuition fees.

Important Note: The requirement varies throughout the academic year. So, the International Recruitment team may cancel programs for award consideration with warning.

Scholarship Session: September 2024

Eligibility Criteria

You must satisfy the following requirements before applying: 

  • International student
  • Acceptance to start a program in September 2024. 
  • You are not being awarded any other scholarships from the University or any other source. 
  • EU residents are ineligible for the course. 
  • UGIC students 
  • Chosen students will have to attend university promotional activities, like interviews and attending university events. 
  • One student can apply for one application for this scholarship. 

Don’t apply if you are ineligible for the course. The University is strict in selecting the candidates. If you are ineligible, they will never choose you for the program. 

Scholarship Level

Master Degree

Scholarship Amount & Incentive

It is important to show proof that you can pay the tuition fees with international rates. The scholarship is for the first year only. You have to arrange the other academic year’s expense. 

  • £5,000 (for the first year only)

Scholarship Application Procedure

Fill this Online Application Form

Print out the application form. See what information needs to be provided. The wrong information may ruin the chance of getting the scholarship. Each information has to be correct. 

Deadline for Application

Remember, selected students will be notified through mail Also, the recruiting panel’s decision is final. There will be no change in the decision whatever happens. At the same time, requirements vary according to the academic year. If you provide wrong information to get the scholarship and the University catches it anyhow, your scholarship will be deactivated with warning.

Application deadlineStart monthApplicants notified by
Monday 3 June 2024September 2024Monday 10 June 2024
Monday 24 June 2024September 2024Monday 1 July 2024
Monday 22 July 2024September 2024Monday 29 July 2024
Monday 19 August 2024September 2024Tuesday 27 August 2024
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