The Schenker Scholarship 2024 Entry

Scholarship Background

The Schenker Scholarship is open for Undergraduate students. The scholarship fund is £9,000. Chosen candidates will get the fund in three years (£3,000 per year). Civil Engineering undergraduate students can apply in the Faculty of Engineering. Also, Physical Sciences students have to apply (FEPS) at the University of Surrey.

First-year students starting in 2024, who are studying Civil Engineering at the University of Surrey, must fill out all parts of the form to be considered for this scholarship. If you meet the specified key criteria, you can apply as long as you hold an In2Surrey Scholarship offer.

Students who have achieved success will receive notification regarding the outcome of their application in the initial semester.

However, the scholarship is for Engineering students. Undergrad students are eligible for the program.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements: 

  • UK/EU students 
  • Civil Engineering BEng program (UCAS code H200 or H201) 
  • Civil Engineering Meng (UCAS code H209 or H210). 
  • Show a yearly income for a household that is under £35,000.

Note: It is a competitive scholarship program. Your academic result will play a vital role to be selected. Also, after receiving notification of the application outcome, keep in touch with the University.

Scholarship Level

  • Undergraduate

If you are planning to get an Undergraduate degree, this scholarship will be an ideal choice. Undergraduate students can learn from experienced and expert teachers. They can achieve valuable knowledge related to their field. 

Scholarship Amount & Incentive

  • £9,000 (£3,000 per year)

The scholarship amount is divided in 3 installments. Chosen students will get £3,000 for every year. Keep this point in mind when applying.

Scholarship Application Procedure

As long as you meet the criteria, you can apply by visiting the Online Application form. The University is incredibly strict in maintaining the rules and regulations. So, don’t assume that you will get the scholarship by any chance if you are ineligible.

You need to fill out and submit the Schenker scholarship online application by 7th October 2024.

Scholarship Deadline

  • 07 October 2024

Submit your application form with the related documents before the deadline. Also, stay in touch with the University. You can contact them by sending an email at

The Schenker Scholarship
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