PhD Studentship in the Centre of Data Innovation Research

Data Innovation Research

Scholarship Background

Apply for PhD Studentship in the Centre of Data Innovation Research. Large language models (LLMs) are a popular subject of interest in academic and non-academic AI research. They exhibit great potential in revolutionizing efficiency across various industries, and as these models grow, we may witness intriguing ’emergent’ patterns that could result in new benefits and uses. C

ChatGPT is a tool that has sparked global interest and triggered a new surge in AI development. Nonetheless, existing training methods rely solely on statistics and do not incorporate semantic and grammatical details that could be crucial for efficiency and understanding. 

In this project, you will handle this problem. You will learn and investigate how a categorical method can be applied in the training of LLMs. You have to aim to create strategies to improve these models’ ability to capture human language accurately.

The chosen candidate will be a part of the Centre of Data Innovation Research. They will work with the Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (MTP) research group. CoDIR is an innovative new centre for research that merges knowledge in mathematics, theoretical physics, astrophysics, and computer science.

Eligibility Criteria

  • First-class degree in Physics or Mathematics or a relevant subject
  • IELTS score of 6.5 or more
  • UK and non-UK students

Scholarship Level


Scholarship Amount & Incentives

The fees and an annual stipend of around £18,622 (tax-free).

Scholarship Application Procedure

  • A filled application form
  • Certificates of higher education
  • Academic transcripts of higher education
  • Letter of References (2)

Email all the above papers to Doctoral College Admissions. Your referees must write a separate email with the form provided and reference directly to the Doctoral College.

Contact Prof Jim Geach for further information.

Scholarship Deadline

Not specified. However, applicants who sent their proposal before 1 February 2024 will be given preference.

Additional Note

  • Subject: Theoretical Physics and Mathematics 
  • Campus: College Lane Campus, Hatfield
  • Programme Start date: 1 October 2024
  • Programme Duration:  3.5 years (Full Time)
  • Principal supervisor: Luigi Alfonsi
  • Supervisory team: Charles Young and Jim Geach
Data Innovation Research
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