The Newton International Fellowship

Scholarship Background

Carbon Capture and Storage, or CCS, features advanced technologies to reduce climate change consequences. According to the Paris Climate Change Agreement, achieving Carbon neutrality is important. The Newton International Fellowship is now opened to International applicants in Uk to peruse PhD program in Engineering related subjects in UK universities.

It is a crucial technology within the UK government’s Clean Growth Strategy, with a bold plan to create low-carbon industrial clusters to capture 20-30 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030. Backed by an initial stage of eight large-scale commercial projects in various industries to become operational by 2030. 

An essential use of Carbon Capture and Storage technologies is to extract carbon dioxide from industrial and combustion gases, like those produced by combined cycle gas turbine power plants, energy from waste plants, and various industrial facilities such as those in cement, steel, chemical, glass, paper, and ceramic industries. 

This project concentrates on current and new instrumentation methods for monitoring CO2 capture solvent technologies. It is essential in industry and is leading the way in being used in business. 

The UK Environmental Agencies now include long-term testing of solvents as a requirement for permitting new post-combustion CO2 capture facilities. 

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria #01: UK Students

Criteria #02: Graduates from the below subjects are welcome to apply,

  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Relevant STEM or engineering

Criteria #03: A First-class or 2:1 MEng degree or an MSc with merit (over 60%)

Scholarship Level

The Newton International Fellowship is opened for PhD Programs

Scholarship Amount & Incentive

Total of £18,622 for the academic year 2023 and 2024. This allowance will increase every year with inflation during each academic year. So, students are given an additional stipend of £3,750 per year.

Scholarship Application Procedure

Visit this page. Fill the required areas. 

The university will get back to you personally. You will be given an account to access the inquiries you send and get email alerts for new PhD opportunities and guidance on selecting the right program.

Scholarship Deadline

Applications will be accepted all year round.

The Newton International Fellowship
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